Tom Cruise was “resented” in a vicious Hollywood feud following his fantasy film

In the 1990s and 2000s, TOM CRUISE was involved in a vicious feud with a fellow Hollywood star. His co-star was “resentful” of Cruise, and one of his films was deemed “ridiculous.” It concluded with a “stolen” film. Decades after his debut, Tom Cruise continues to dominate the box office with films such as Top Gun Maverick and the Mission: Impossible franchise. Tom donned a wig and fangs to portray Lestat de Lioncourt in The Interview with the Vampire in the 1990s.  However, Cruise experienced tension on the set of the film. Pitt and Cruise collaborated closely on the set of the Anne Rice film.

In the film, Pitt portrayed Louis de Pointe du Lac, Lestat’s undead servant and lover. After the cameras stopped rolling, however, the two Hollywood A-listers fought in a different manner.  Pitt stated that he was “miserable” working with Cruise on the film. Later, Pitt added of Cruise: “He bugged me. Eventually, I became extremely resentful of him during production.”  He continued by describing their differences: “I am the South Pole, while he is the North. He always offers a handshake, whereas I may accidentally bump into you.”  He continued, “There was an underlying competition that hindered any genuine conversation.”

However, the insults did not stop at professional excursions. Pitt also criticized the actor’s film roles. Pitt reportedly criticized the film Valkyrie by Tom Cruise, calling it “ridiculous.” His representatives later dismissed the story, however.  In addition, Pitt’s then-wife, Angelina Jolie, thwarted Cruise’s plans for a second secret agent film.  Initially, Cruise was cast as Edwin Salt in the 2010 thriller “Salt.”  Before she was officially cast in the film, the male character was rewritten as a female one after Jolie joined the production.  Apparently, Cruise was not pleased with how this transpired. However, there were even more scandalous rumors about Jolie and Cruise.

Jolie and Cruise have “always been interested” in one another, per Entertainment Times.  Recently, they have been attempting to determine whether “they are a good match.” Over the past two decades, Cruise and Pitt have never collaborated.  This does not confirm a bad or good relationship, but it does raise the question: why?  It’s quite interesting that we haven’t seen them work together since 1994, given that they are both such renowned actors.

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