The Yes Song That Makes Geddy Lee Cry

Geddy Lee‘s journey with Rush began in 1968 when he joined the band at the request of childhood friend Alex Lifeson and replaced original bassist and lead singer Jeff Jones. The multi-instrumentalist Geddy Lee is best known for his signature vocal range. Along with his vocals, Lee’s bass playing paved the way for many musicians such as Les Claypool, Cliff Burton, and Steve Harris.

Rush is well-known not only for being recognized as one of the bands that included musicians most gifted in their chosen instruments but also for their wide-ranging lyrical themes. Although the band’s style and content have evolved over the years, they started in blues-influenced rock and ended up in progressive rock for their final record. Geddy Lee revealed the songs and musicians that have influenced his extraordinary career.

A Yes Song Made Geddy Lee Cry 

During a previous conversation with Louder Sound, Geddy Lee reflected on one of the Yes songs, ‘And You And I.’ The song was written and performed by band members Jon Anderson, Bill Bruford, Steve Howe, and Chris Squire. The song is 10 minutes long and is divided into four parts: ‘Cord of Life,’ ‘Eclipse,’ ‘The Preacher the Teacher,’ and ‘Apocalypse.’

Like many other music critics and fans, the Rush icon revealed that every time he hears that song, he starts crying because the record brought him a sonic beauty and nostalgia. Lee described the Yes hit as a complex song that was perfectly executed which shows what brilliant musicians Yes members were.

In an interview with Louder Sound, Lee said:

“‘And You And I’ by Yes is so beautiful, especially when I listen to it now. The combination of nostalgia and pure sonic beauty is pretty moving.”

It’s no surprise that Yes’ song ‘And You And I’ brought Geddy Lee to tears, as the band’s lyrics depict a narrator discussing why we should seek our connection to the Divine or God. Lead vocalist Jon Anderson once introduced the song as ‘The Protest Song’ in a live performance. Some have claimed the lyrics as ‘us’ as we collectively try to understand the greater meaning of life.

You can listen to ‘And You And I’ below.

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