The Who producer discusses the contract he struck with Keith Moon “to save his life”

Recently, The Who producer Glyn Johns was a guest on BBC Radio 2’s Sounds of the ’70s with Johnnie Walker, where he recalled his unsuccessful attempt to stop Keith Moon from drinking alcohol.  Keith Moon, the late drummer for The Who, was well-known for his eccentric personality and lifestyle, which he maintained until his death. His ceaseless partying, the destruction of hotel rooms while on tour, the deliberate destruction of furniture, and the throwing of items out the window were among the stories that frequently appeared in the media.  He was regarded as one of the most talented drummers of all time, and his peers, including Charlie Watts and John Bonham, admired him greatly. Unfortunately, Moon died of an accidental overdose in 1978. The pills he was taking were intended to combat his alcoholism, which was beginning to affect his band’s performances.

During a new discussion, the interviewer reminded Glyn Jones of the agreement he made with Keith Moon during the recording of “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” The producer observed that the drummer did not appear well enough to participate in the recording sessions, so he eventually devised a method for Moon to recover. Jones told Keith Moon that he would quit smoking if he stopped drinking alcohol, in the hopes that it would help Moon recognize his poor health and performance and recover. Although he agreed, the deceased drummer continued to drink, while the producer quit smoking. Glyn believes that this pact saved his life, but he wishes it had also saved Moon’s.

The interviewer commented: You made a deal with Keith Moon to reduce your alcohol consumption. Glyn Jones carried on: “Yes, I did, which he, of course, won, and I, although I benefited, lost significantly. Because he wasn’t as reliable as he could have been, I did suggest that he try to behave himself a little better during the recording session. He insulted me by stating, “Well, you’ve changed my life since I’ve known you.” Therefore, I stated, “I’ll quit smoking if you quit drinking. He replied, ‘All right’ We reached an agreement, and I quit smoking, which may have saved my bacon.”  You can hear the entire radio program below.

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