After years of stirring up metal mayhem, Corey Taylor of Slipknot has opened up about the one song from which he doesn’t enjoy performing live anymore. The Iowa metal act’s last release was 2022’s The End So Far, a project which marked their final album with Roadrunner Records.

When speaking about his career on the podcast All Things Music, Taylor mentioned not liking one of the band’s signature tunes from their first record, saying: “I’m going on record here. I’m not the one who vetoes these things. I vetoed one song for a half a tour – you’re going to laugh – ‘Wait And Bleed’ because I was fucking tired of playing it. I was like, ‘can we do one run where we don’t play it?’“.

Taylor would go on to complain that one of their shows received a four star rating by Kerrang because they didn’t perform their trademark tune. He said: “We got a 4K review from headlining Download specifically because we didn’t play ‘Wait And Bleed’. I was like, ‘are you fucking kidding me?’ I was so mad. I purposefully was like ‘I don’t fucking want to play this song ever again’”.

Aside from Slipknot, Taylor is also releasing a second solo album this year and will head out on a solo tour, which is set to feature ‘Wait and Bleed’ in the setlist.


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