The Rolling Stones Song Keith Richards Gave Away To Gram Parsons

When musicians that are also friends get together, the creative wheels start turning, and before realizing it, they are often writing songs, finishing productions, or giving each other tracks that might be a better fit for their bands. Some of the most well-known songs by classic acts have come from other artists or are created with the contribution of other musicians.

There are also instances where a musician gives away a song and realizes that it could have been a banger if they had just kept it and decides to record it under their name. If the band is as iconic as the Rolling Stones, then it is more than likely that the song will become a massive hit with the fans.

That is precisely what happened with the track ‘Wild Horses,’ which became one of the more iconic songs from the Rolling Stones catalog after they decided to record it even though they had previously given it to the Flying Burrito Brothers.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards originally wrote the tune ‘Wild Horses.’ The members had written it but were underwhelmed with the outcome to make it a single or a part of a future album. During that time, Grams Parsons from the Flying Burrito Brothers had met Richards, and the pair hit it off.

As the two musicians started to hang out more often, they became close friends. They were in separate bands but stayed in the loop of what was happening musically and personally with each other. So, one day, Richards offered a demo tape of ‘Wild Horses’ to Parsons, who later shared that he was very proud of the song.

The Stones were famous for keeping their tracks to themselves even if they were not going to add them to any of their albums. However, once Richards and Parsons got close, ‘Wild Horses’ became an exception. After Parsons’ passing, in the 2004 documentary ‘Gram Parsons: Fallen Angel,’ Pamela Des Barres, a friend of Parsons, shared that “Gram was so proud of the Stones giving him that song to do… Because that was unusual; the Stones didn’t just give songs to people.”

Soon after, the Flying Burrito Brothers recorded the song for their second album ‘Burrito Deluxe’ in 1970; however, the Rolling Stones decided to record it for their album, ‘Sticky Fingers’ a year later. The track was released as the second US-only single in June 1971; it reached number 28 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and became more known after they turned the demo into a full-length track.

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