The Lana Del Rey Song That Declared Bruce Springsteen As The King

Bruce Springsteen has become known as ‘The Boss’ over the years, and there is no doubt there are countless reasons for that. He has managed to connect with people through his music, using his beautiful lyrics and tunes, and perhaps most importantly, the fact that emotion covers every part of his music so intensely lies behind his success. He has inspired dozens of artists so far, and Lana Del Rey is just one of them.

Lana Del Rey is actually obsessed with some famous figures. In fact, you can even hear certain names in her songs, such as Marilyn Monroe, Walt Whitman, and Elvis Presley. She also mentioned Bruce Springsteen in one of her songs, referring to him as ‘The King.’ Maybe that has already rung a bell, but for those who do not follow her works, the song in question is her 2012 release ‘American.’

Although Lana Del Rey frequently makes reference to other celebrities in her songs, it is unusual for a famous person to respond. Well, of course, some of them cannot answer anyway. But ‘The Boss’ did so with all his kindness. He didn’t just thank her; he also praised Del Rey’s music calling her ‘one of the best songwriters in the country as we speak.’

Around the time Springsteen voiced this praise, he was doing a show called ‘From My Home To Yours’ on Sirius XM in 2012. He played ‘American’ during an episode, humorously saying, “She’s, uh, name-checking some guy from New Jersey in there. I’m not sure who.” Springsteen later said that Lana Del Rey created her own world in her songs and invited listeners to feel it.

Lana Del Rey’s songwriting skills are often praised. Using her music as a vessel for story-telling, the star is famous for writing lyrics that can be interpreted in various ways while employing a melancholic narrative. The interpretative flexibility of her songs has contributed to her success and received praise.

Del Rey is also a very prolific artist. The singer has released eight albums so far and is preparing to release her new record in 2023. The album, which will be released under the name ‘Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd,’ has been eagerly awaited since its announcement.


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