The ‘fired’ Rocky actor left Sylvester Stallone “bruised and bloodied”

When he hired a wrestler to star in Rocky III, SYLVESTER STALLONE was “traumatized.” Just after he was fired from his real job, he admitted to being “battered and bruised” during a fight scene that required hospitalizations. Sylvester Stallone is one of Hollywood’s tough guys and has developed a macho persona over the past several decades. In addition to starring in the Rambo series, he also portrayed the title character in Rocky. By the time Rocky III was released in theaters, he was fighting alongside even (physically) larger actors. This, however, did not go well for him with Hulk Hogan, who turned 69 years old on August 11, 2022. Rocky III featured Hulk Hogan as Thunderlips, the series’ world wrestling champion.

Before the main plot began, he fought Rocky in a charity match in the film.  However, Hogan did not hold back during their brief fight on set. According to reports, Hogan sent “three men to the hospital” during his fight scene. Even Stallone did not escape unscathed. According to reports, Stallone was left “battered and bruised” after filming his scene with Hogan (Via Ultimate Classic Rock).  The actor himself told fans in 2006, “You, Hulk Hogan, hit me the hardest I’ve ever been hit.” In fact, Stallone’s scenes with Hogan were not included in the final film. “We didn’t include it in the film because I was so traumatized,” he explained. Hogan’s violent debacle occurred just weeks after he was fired from his actual job.

At the time, the wrestler was well-known for his participation in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).  Vince McMahon Sr., the then-president of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), prohibited wrestlers from pursuing acting careers while also working as wrestlers. Hogan despised the rule. “I informed Vince Sr that I had received a call from Stallone,” he recalled. “In 1978 and 1979, if you were a wrestler, you did not appear on television. You didn’t go do a movie.” “If you’re a wrestler, you’re a wrestler,” he remarked. This draconian employment, according to Hogan, is “pretty barbaric.”  However, this did not prevent him from making a decision. He agreed to appear in Rocky III against the wishes of his employers.

This meant that just before Hogan began filming with Stallone, he was fired from his WWF position. Although Hogan appeared briefly in the Rocky series, Stallone has discussed his subsequent life. During an interview regarding the Rocky franchise, he joked that Thunderlips had switched careers.  “Thunderlips has actually moved on,” stated Stallone. “Eventually became a producer of adult films. What happened was he became Thunderhips.”

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