The Final Performance Of Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was a shadow of his former self long before his final show with The Doors. He was becoming increasingly unpredictable and unreliable on stage. He had various legal problems and was struggling with alcoholism. During their performance at The Warehouse in New Orleans on December 12, 1970, it was disastrous and disappointing to say the least.

Even before the show started, Morrison already helped himself to a few bottles of alcohol and some psychedelics. Early on in their set, he collapsed and the rest of the band left the stage. When he awoke, he called them back out. But halfway through, he forgot the lyrics and started rambling. As the band performed the song that propelled them to superstardom, Light My Fire, Morrison was leaning on to the mic stand for support.

There was none of his boundless energy that made some of their performances legendary. Instead, he sat down on the drum riser and drummer John Densmore had to nudge him with his foot so the frontman would get up.

Morrison then went over to the mic, smashed it repeatedly, then threw it down. He ended the show by walking out. Shortly after, the other three members of The Doors voted to end their live performances since Morrison could no longer deliver the goods.

After he finished working on L.A. Woman, Morrison went to Paris. He was found dead in is bathtub on July 3, 1971 at the age of 27.


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