The Best Part Of Working With Eric Clapton According To Phil Collins

Phil Collins is a drummer, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor who has been in the music scene for over five decades. Although many misfortunate events regarding his health status made him hit a stone wall during his music career, Collins managed to stay strong and continued to make music both as a solo musician and a member of Genesis.

The award-winning musician joined Genesis as their drummer in 1970 and became the band’s lead singer in 1975 after the departure of Peter Gabriel. Although many doubted whether he can handle this duty, Collins proved them wrong with his musicianship and singing talent.

Apart from working with Genesis, the musician also collaborated with other musicians during his solo career, including Eric Clapton. According to Collins, there was one thing that he considered as the best part of working together with Clapton. Let’s learn more about what Collins thought about his tenure with the guitar legend.

Phil Collins Said Lack Of Pressure Was The Best Thing About Working With Eric Clapton

Back on July 13, 1985, Phil Collins performed with Eric Clapton at the Live Aid concert at John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia. He then produced two albums with Clapton, 1985’s ‘Behind The Sun,’ and 1986’s ‘August.’ Following the release, ‘August’ became Clapton’s best-selling album in the UK to date. The pair then began touring together for a two-year period along with their ‘August’ collaborators Nathan East and Greg Phillinganes, forming the band Eric Clapton And Friends.

Following the release of ‘Behind The Sun’ and ‘August,’ Collins also contributed to Clapton’s next album ‘Journeyman.’ Collins’ contributions to the song were his backing and harmony vocals along with his trademark drumming. Following the release, the album turned out to be an international success and sold around 250,000 copies. Besides, its single ‘Bad Love’ became a hit and won the Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance.

In a 1986 interview which was conducted after Clapton formed Eric Clapton And Friends, Collins revealed that what’s most fun about performing with Clapton and the band is being free and not feeling under the pressure. So, it seems this freedom made Collins show off his full potential without anything to stop him. Moreover, the musician also talked about the time Eric Clapton And Friends was formed and said working together with Clapton and the others was a great opportunity.

During the interview, the host asked Phil Collins the following:

“What’s been the most fun about doing the last few gigs with Eric and the new band?”

Collins then responded:

“I think a lack of pressure is one thing. All I have to do is play the drums apart from doing the air, you know. I’m sure people will be thinking whether there is any song I know, but it’s the one everyone wants to hear. Greg and Nathan, the other guys in the band, are great musicians.

I mean, Nathan and I played on [Philip] Bailey’s album [Chinese Wall,] and we said we’d love to do some more work together. Coincidentally, he played on Eric’s last album, the stuff that I didn’t produce. Eric wanted to use him and Greg Phillinganes, who I’d wanted to get for Bailey’s album but couldn’t because he was working.

So, there were always some little interviewing things, and suddenly, everybody came together, and this band did Eric’s new album. It was just a great opportunity.“

You can watch the rest of the interview below.

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