October release of a box set featuring Mark Knopfler’s last four solo albums

Rob Halford and Ian Hill sat down with Metal Hammer to discuss the making of Judas Priest’s Screaming For Vengeance, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. During this period, Priest were apparently on a roll, and not just musically! It appears that the band members were quite the ruffians. “I have no idea how we completed that album,” Halford told Metal Hammer. “We were on the brink of death. Every night, I ventured into the city absolutely smashed. At four in the morning, Ian crashed a rental car into the pond in front of the studio, waking everyone up.” While the band was touring in support of Screaming For Vengeance, however, the interview’s true gem emerged.

Halford recalls a very specific incident involving a taxi accident, being high on acid, and hot water that occurred after the band embarked on the World Vengeance tour, which also featured a young and hungry Iron Maiden as the opening act. “While we were in Germany, K.K. [Downing, guitarist] was knocked to the ground by a taxi. Glenn became an instant doctor, exclaiming, “He needs hot water.” Someone quickly retrieves a bucket and some towels, drenching them in this hot water and applying them to K.K., who begins to scream in agony. Glenn tells me later, “The worst part is that I was on acid at the time.”” The good news is that Priest emerged from the chaos relatively unscathed, and Screaming For Vengeance continues to be one of their most popular albums due to the song you all know so well…

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