Ted Nugent Shares The Solution For Not Being ‘Helpless’

Ted Nugent recently commented on the Michigan State University tragedy, blamed the authorities, and shared his personal solution for not being ‘helpless’ in a potentially life-threatening situation while chatting on his Facebook show, ‘The Nightly Nuge.’

After discussing the shooting that led to the death of three and injury of five people in his home state Michigan, Nugent stated that he believed that campuses shouldn’t be gun-free zones so that potential victims could be armed and defend themselves in a possible future shooting. The guitarist further said he carried a gun so as not to be ‘helpless.’

He then criticized the ‘failed’ court system and the ‘nonexistent’ mental healthcare in the U.S., stating he would do whatever it took to defend himself against any shooter regardless of background or motives. The rocker then again remarked that gun-free zones should be banned so that the ‘unarmed’ potential victims might protect themselves.

Nugent also encouraged his audience to call their local police forces, any law enforcement, the mayor, and senators and to tell them that they were aware of the evil’s dream; gun control. The rocker finished by stating that any possible intruder and shooter should be either in prison or dead.

The guitarist’s take on not being helpless during a potential shooting:

“Everybody, who is a victim of our engineered recidivism, decided and made the suicidal choice of being unarmed and helpless. [Imitates the authorities] ‘You can’t carry a gun on campus.’ I’m on campus, and I carry a gun. I carry a gun because God has given me this precious gift of life. You’re unarmed and helpless, as all the victims are. If you’re unarmed and helpless, here’s a little word for you.

You’re unarmed and helpless and evil recidivistic monsters, as celebrated by our failed court system and our failed healthcare; there’s no mental healthcare in America. These people are known to be dangerous; I don’t even care what the background was, or what the motive was, the shooter at the Michigan State University, in my beloved state of Michigan.”

He continued:

“All the victims, all the time, forever, have had one thing in common, they got up that day and decided to be unarmed and helpless. We need to neutralize these evil offenders, and without a gun, you’re defenseless.

Remember, call our state police, call our sheriff, call our chief of police, call your mayor and congressman and senator, and tell them that you know that evil has a dream, and it’s called gun-free zones. We need to ban gun-free zones, and when a person shoots and stabs and rapes, they need to die or stay in a cage forever.”

If you know anything about Nugent, you might also see that he’s never been one to hold back whenever he wants to express his views, so when he decided to share his solution not to be ‘helpless,’ it was to ban gun-free zones and let the potential victims defend themselves by carrying a gun.

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