Ted Nugent asserts that he was not envious of Eddie Van Halen

Ted Nugent recently gave an interview to Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk in which he discussed Eddie Van Halen. Nugent asserts that he is not envious of Eddie. On October 6, 2020, Eddie Van Halen’s untimely demise devastated the rock music community. As it turns out, Ted Nugent also mourned the death of the guitar virtuoso, as he claimed they were close friends. In a previous interview, Nugent stated that his first tour was with Van Halen, and that when they first met, they had a profound connection. In addition to expressing his sorrow over Eddie’s passing, Ted Nugent stated that not everyone appreciated their proximity. According to Nugent, those individuals claimed they were not close friends, but this was a lie because he and Eddie had attempted to stay in touch despite their busy schedules for years.

Recent conversation with Trunk Nation Ted Nugent lauded Eddie Van Halen’s musical prowess alongside Eddie Trunk, calling him a musical genius. Nugent then asserted that Howard Stern and his audience invented the falsehood that he was envious of Eddie’s guitar playing and that they were competitors. According to Uncle Ted, however, the truth was different. Nugent stated that he and Eddie were close friends, and Eddie called him first when he quit using drugs because Nugent advised him to do so. He added that he did so in a genuine manner and that the two shared a strong friendship. Ted Nugent reportedly told Trunk Nation the following about Eddie Van Halen, as reported by Blabbermouth:

What an outstanding man he was. What a formidable force he was, how his musical genius enriched our lives. And let me clarify, in case Howard Stern and his liars are listening, because they invented a filthy f*cking lie on “The Howard Stern Show” claiming that I was envious of Eddie and that we had a dispute over the way we played the guitar. What a group of filthy liars!” He then proceeded: “Eddie and I were dear friends. When Eddie achieved sobriety, his first phone call was to… To me. Because I gently encouraged him to quit using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. As with most people, he was resistant, but we had a wonderful relationship.

Ted Nugent frequently lauds Eddie Van Halen’s talent. In April, Nugent ranked Eddie among the greatest guitarists and praised his superman-like rhythmic sensibility. Due to his reputation for harsh criticism of other guitarists, the Handsome Devil’s love and admiration for the late Van Halen icon appear genuine.

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