Stone is a Pearl Jam song Gossard asserts that rock is not dying but rather changing form

In his most recent interview with VWMusic, Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard discussed the distinctive characteristics of rock music. The musician also revealed whether or not he believed the genre was dying by sharing his perspective. Previously, Gene Simmons, the bassist for KISS, sparked a debate about the current state of rock music in relation to the music industry. According to Simmons, the artist’s assertion that rock music is dead was not a natural one, as he elaborated on his reasoning. The bassist emphasized that streaming platforms that prevent consumers from purchasing physical records have killed the genre.

Simmons continued by stating that no other musicians could succeed bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and Metallica, as well as platforms and young artists who could not support themselves through music alone. Many musicians, including Alice Cooper, the Kiszka brothers, Taylor Momsen, Guns N’ Roses’ Slash, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, and many others, disagreed with him after his statements.

In addition, his conversation with Andrew Daly demonstrates that Stone Gossard and the KISS bassist were not on the same page after his response to the reporter’s question regarding rock music. The famous guitarist replied that rock music cannot die for this reason because it is an evolving genre. Gossard believed that rock music would not die, but its form, style, and other characteristics will continue to evolve. During the interview, Gossard expressed the following ideas: Who really knows and who cares? Honestly, Pearl Jam is currently performing, and we’re enjoying ourselves, so whatever we’re doing, we’re having a good time, and so do our fans. I enjoy open-ended rock music because rock music has no defining characteristic. It involves multiple individuals playing music together on whichever instruments they choose. Regardless of what it is, if it is anything, it could be rock.

I love it. I love bands. I love collaboration. To my mind, the frame of “rock music” can hold many different pictures, and there are many unmade pictures in terms of how a band might sound together. We don’t know what the instrumentation could be or why it would be heavy, but it could still be rock, albeit with different instruments that still evoke the primal heaviness that rock is known for. I believe that rock is related to the blues, which is, once again, what we all connect to on a fundamental level, correct? So, the blues has been around for a very long time, and I don’t believe it will ever disappear. It will continually alter its form.” In addition, Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam stated that he doesn’t care if rock music is dying or not because the most important thing is having fun together. He stated that he enjoyed rock music’s various subgenres, bands, collaborations, and other features.

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