Stevie Nicks Reveals the False Rumor About Her That ‘Pissed Her Off’ and ‘Hurt Her Feelings’ the Most

Stevie Nicks, a beacon in the music industry, has constantly been the subject of whispers and tales. While most tall tales about the “Gypsy” songstress are brushed off, there’s one that deeply upset her.

A Career Shadowed by Gossip

Being the iconic voice behind Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks has seen her fair share of tabloid headlines. But, much like the title of Fleetwood Mac’s hit album, Rumours, she usually lets false stories slide. It was after joining the legendary band in 1974 alongside her then-boyfriend, Lindsey Buckingham, that they produced iconic albums like Fleetwood Mac and Rumours.

John McVie, the band’s bassist, believed the album name was apt since the music seemed like “journals and diaries” about each other. This phase escalated the band’s fame, but with it came intensified substance abuse.

The Rumor That Crossed the Line

Nicks’ candidness about her cocaine use led to one infamous gossip – that she took cocaine enemas. This rumor deeply affected the “Dreams” singer. In a 2008 interview with Q Magazine, she expressed her disbelief at such an outlandish tale, emphasizing her traditional and reserved nature.

She passionately stated, “The idea of anyone coming close to that part of me, unless it’s a life-threatening situation in a hospital, is absurd. This is the one rumor that has genuinely upset and offended me.”

Candid Confessions About Drug Abuse

Throughout her career, Nicks has been transparent about her battles with drugs. Referring to her bandmates, she once said, “We were all addicts, but I was probably the worst.” She further detailed her fragile state and the risks she took with excessive cocaine use.

Nicks sought treatment twice – first in 1986 at the Betty Ford clinic and later in 1993 for a Klonopin addiction. While she’s comfortable with discussions about her past, she fervently refutes the cocaine enema rumor, finding it a stark contrast to her true persona.

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