Steven Tyler’s Disappoinment About Joe Perry

The relationship between bandmates can be problematic. Charlie Watts, for instance, had once punched Mick Jagger in the face. Keith Richards witnessed the whole incident and was not on the best terms with Jagger. So, he watched Jagger getting punched with delight.

However, the only frontman and guitarist with a bitter relationship aren’t Jagger and Richard. The dynamics between Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are also complicated. The Aerosmith rockers might seem like best friends for a moment but hate one another in the next. So, it might be challenging for anyone to make sense of the Toxic Twins.

For instance, Joe had previously commented that Steven’s solo country works were boring, and Tyler replied to Perry’s criticism by saying that the guitarist was jealous of him. Still, in the end, the rocker was grateful to be working with Aerosmith and felt an emotional debt toward Joe Perry.

However, Steven seemed disappointed with the band and, mainly, Perry when an unfortunate incident occurred while touring. As Tyler went into a shame spiral during the period, the rocker disclosed why he felt let down by Aerosmith.

Steven Tyler’s eccentric stage shows are one of the best reasons to see Aerosmith live, but at one particular show, in 2009, his showmanship and eccentric moves resulted in broken bones. While on stage in South Dakota, Steven fell from the stage and injured himself so severely that the rest of the tour dates had to be canceled.

This period was challenging for Steven as he felt ashamed by his stage fall and had to address his substance addiction problems. The rocker also longed for assurance and help from Aerosmith. However, his bandmates reportedly didn’t even give him a call.

The rocker chatted with Time magazine back in 2012, and while discussing his relationship with Perry, he also mentioned how his bandmates had let him down and didn’t care for him after the incident. “You know, when egos and drugs get in the way, it always turns into, for instance, when I fell off the stage,” the rocker recalled. “No one in the band called me up for 26 weeks. And I went into a shame spiral. The band got angry that the tour was canceled.”

He continued by mentioning how his bandmates didn’t want him to be on American Idol. “Afterwards, we always find that stuff is good for the life of Aerosmith. Like me taking Idol. The band was pissed, looking for other singers. But then they discovered that it brought the catalog up 270%.”

The frontman felt let down when none of his bandmates, not even his Toxic Twin, called him during this challenging period. He, perhaps, faulted himself and his addiction problems for falling from the stage and longed for the help of his bandmates. However, they didn’t seem to care about him.

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