Slipknot Releases New Track “Yen,” Which Corey Taylor Calls “One Of My Favorites”

Slipknot released their third single, ‘Yen,’ from their new album, and band leader Corey Taylor spoke to Kerrang! about exclusive details. The famous musician expressed his appreciation for the song by stating that it was one of his favorites.  After the release of their sixth studio album, “We Are Not Your Kind,” on August 9, 2019, Taylor and percussionist Shawn Crahan did not wait long to surprise their fans. In previous interviews, the band members disclosed that they had begun recording their next album. In addition to the songs, their devoted fans were interested in Slipknot’s new costumes and masks for that era.

The band released ‘The Chapeltown Rag’ as their debut single in 2021, followed by ‘The Dying Song (Time to Sing)’ on July 19, 2022. Both songs were praised by music critics and gained popularity among metalheads. Therefore, there is little doubt that Slipknot’s forthcoming seventh album, ‘The End, So Far,’ which will be released on September 30, 2022, will be a commercial success.  More than one million people have listened to the song on YouTube, despite the fact that the latest track from the album, ‘Yen,’ drew significant attention for its unique sound and lyrics. Corey Taylor mentioned in his conversation that it has become one of his favorite Slipknot songs. The singer described the song as a blend of Slipknot’s signature sound and Tom Waits’ style. He admitted that their approach in the new single resembled that of Type O Negative, a Brooklyn-based gothic metal band.

Taylor stated during an interview:  “‘Yen’ is likely one of my favorite songs we’ve ever recorded. It’s such a great, cool departure for us because it contains Slipknot-esque elements, but some of the music touches our inner Tom Waits, if that makes sense. It’s cool, but there’s an almost Type O Negative quality to it. I believe that people will f*cking dig it when they hear it.”  You can listen to the song down below.

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