Slash explains why a Guns N’ Roses film will never be made

Despite Slash’s lifelong passion for cinema, he does not anticipate Guns N’ Roses pursuing a film project. The guitarist, who composed the score and served as a producer for the new horror film The Breach, recently told MovieMaker that music biopics are not his thing. GNR has collectively declined opportunities to explore a film about their career, and Slash himself was offered a movie deal in 2007 following the publication of his autobiography.

“We’re not really interested,” he stated. “And I cannot imagine trying to find actors who can accurately portray the band. I mean, rock ‘n’ roll films as a whole suffer from being super, super corny and unrealistic.” He proceeded: “There are very few excellent rock and roll films. Therefore, I would be averse to selling ourselves short with a script that purports to depict our history. I don’t see it happening.” You can hear Slash’s entire conversation with MovieMaker by using the iHeartRadio player provided below.  In September, Slash will resume touring with GNR. Here are the tour dates.

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