Simon McBride on Deep Purple’s One Hope for Him After Steve Morse’s Replacement

In a recent interview with the Scars and Guitars podcast, guitarist Simon McBride revealed that Deep Purple expects him to fill Steve Morse’s void in the band. Steve Morse has made numerous contributions to Deep Purple since joining in 1994, when he replaced Joe Satriani, who had replaced Ritchie Blackmore. Morse was the band’s longest-serving guitarist, performing on all eight of their studio albums. However, it was announced in the preceding months that the guitarist had decided to temporarily step back in order to care for his wife Janine, who is battling cancer.

After Morse’s temporary absence turned into a permanent departure, the band informed fans that Simon McBride would perform in May, June, and July 2022. For the concerts, the guitarist had to adjust to their sound and playing style. He stated that while some songs were simple to perform, some solos were more difficult to master. McBride also stated that he had to carefully craft each song because each guitarist before him had a distinct playing style. Previously, he had mentioned how meticulously the band members performed their important songs and solos. The rocker also stated that he did not attempt to imitate previous band members.

Recently, the guitarist stated that it was a frustrating experience for him to be asked to play like the band’s previous members. He stated that he did not know what to do regarding playing like Morse, Blackmore, and the others. During a conversation with Don Airey, the keyboardist stated that he expresses his musical personality without imitating anyone else. McBride remarked how relieved he was when he realized that the band members only expected Simon to be himself. Simon McBride commented on his appearance with Deep Purple as follows:

“At the end of the day, with this gig, there have been many people saying or asking me if I will play like Ritchie or Steve, or if I will do this like Tommy or Satriani or whoever. So initially, I was somewhat perplexed by this; I did not know what to do. It was when I was discussing it with Don Airey, and he simply said, “Forget about it all.” Simply be you. Perform your own thing. I reached this conclusion, which I did. And I gradually began to loosen up and just be myself. When you begin to consider who else has been in the band, you become confused about what to play, when to play, and what to do, or whether you should “play this like Ritchie or Steve.” Deep Purple is currently on tour and will perform in countries such as Germany, Norway, and Sweden in the months leading up to 2023. In the preceding months, Ian Gillan also stated that they would begin working on a new album the following year after the tour concluded.

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