Shemane Nugent Recalls How Ted Nugent Saved Her Life

Ted Nugent‘s wife, Shemane Nugent, recently appeared on the rocker’s the Nightly Nuge and shared a memory from one of their hunts together in Africa, where the singer saved Shemane’s life when he realized that there was a female lion stalking his wife.

It is publicly known that Nugent is an avid hunter and an outspoken advocate for hunting, and the Second Amendment, which protects the right to bear arms in the United States. He also has been the subject of controversy for his practices, which many, especially animal rights activists, find unethical. So, not surprisingly, the rocker has lots of memories from his hunting trips.

In a recent episode of his YouTube show, the singer’s wife, Shemane, recalled that they had gone to Africa right after they got married. He was videotaping Ted while he was up in the tree with his bow and arrow. Yet, all of a sudden, he climbed down the tree to save Shemane’s life, as a female lion was stalking her. Ted had a gun with him, so he was ready to neutralize the lion if it got any closer.

Here is how Shemane remembered the day his husband saved his life:

“Right after we first got married, we went to Africa, and I was videotaping Ted back when we had those big video cameras. I knew enough about hunting to know that I had to stay videotaping him until the sunset, like that was the bewitching hour that everybody talked about. So, I’m on the ground by a tree, and on the other side of this, what they call a water hole which is a pond.

Ted’s up in the tree, and he’s up there with his bow and arrow. The sun starts coming down; it is beautiful, and all of a sudden, he gets out of the tree, and he starts walking toward me, and it is not even close to sunset yet. I said, ‘Why did you get out of the tree?’ and he said, ‘There was a lion stalking you.’”

Nugent stepped into the conversation and added:

“I was watching a female lion literally crouching like in the videos on Discovery Channel, and what we saw live in South Africa along the Limpopo River, there was a female lion. I was carrying Smith & Weston model 29 44 Magnum at the time, which I carried religiously everywhere. So, even though I was about 80 yards from Shemane, I was prepared to neutralize the lioness threat, but it was literally moving in on her, and I got down to make sure that the lion didn’t get my sweetheart.”

Thus, the veteran rocker literally saved his wife’s life when he realized a lioness was watching her while he was up in a tree. Luckily, the couple managed to leave before anything dangerous happened to them, but apparently, it was a scary moment for Shemane.

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