Sharon Osbourne Is Back After A Recent Health Scare

Usually, Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne scares his fans with health issues in the Osbourne family. However, this time it was Sharon Osbourne who worried everybody with the recent news of her medical emergency. The Talk host finally shared a post on his Twitter page to clear the air about her latest condition and her plans for the show.

“Hi, everybody at the Talk and everybody that watches the Talk,” Sharon initially said in her post. She looked beyond healthy in the video and gave the good news about her upcoming appearance on the Talk. “I just wanted to let you know that I will be back on January 3.”

Sharon Osbourne later expressed how much she missed her audience and ensured that this return would be for good before wishing everybody a happy new year. She noted, “I’ve missed you all very, very much. I know I keep saying I’m coming back, but this time it’s for real. I just want to say to you all have the best, healthy, happy holidays and a happy new year. I love you all.”

In December, Sharon Osbourne made it to the headlines with an unspecified medical emergency. Though her condition wasn’t revealed, Osbourne’s fans were relieved that she didn’t spend much time in the hospital before returning home to recover.

Following the news, many people speculated that Sharon was on Discovery+’s Ghost Adventures set when the unknown incident happened. However, her son Jack addressed these rumors, saying, “Okay, here’s what I’ll say. First things first, my mother wasn’t filming an episode of Ghost Adventures. She was filming a new episode of Night of Terror with me.”

As Jack Osbourne revealed, Sharon was back in her home again after whatever the emergency was. Now, she looks better than ever in her latest video, taking away all her fans’ worries. As for her return to the Talk, dozens of fans shared tweets replying to her post, noting that they can continue watching the show now that Sharon will be on it again.

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