Sharon Osbourne Exclaims ‘Ozzy Osbourne Is Back’ While Discussing Upcoming Live

Sharon Osbourne recently sat down with Talk TV to share some thrilling news for fans of her husband, rock legend Ozzy Osbourne. After retiring from touring in early 2023, the Prince of Darkness has decided to make a grand comeback to the stage. The interview with Talk TV delved into the details of the upcoming live event, which is shaping up to be an incredible night of rock music.

Although he did not entirely quit music and left an open door for future possibilities, Ozzy Osbourne’s recent retirement from touring left many fans disheartened, but the announcement of his return has rekindled their enthusiasm. Sharon Osbourne, who has managed her husband’s career for decades, divulged the latest information on Ozzy’s health and his forthcoming performance after her last explanation on the probability of her husband’s comeback to the stage. She revealed that the rock icon has made remarkable progress and is eager to rock once again.

In the Talk TV interview, Sharon Osbourne discussed her husband’s well-being, his anticipated return to the stage, and the extraordinary lineup of bands set to perform with Ozzy. The event is slated for October 6th in America and will be held at the renowned Coachella site, featuring a breathtaking lineup of rock legends like Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, and AC/DC.

Sharon shared the exciting news, saying:

“He’s good. He’s doing so much better. I think I told you about it the other night, but now it’s been announced, we can talk about it. He’s doing a show [on] October 6th in America. It’s at the Coachella site. It’s gonna be a great show: Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, AC/DC, Ozzy…”

During the interview, Sharon and Talk TV host Piers Morgan further highlighted Ozzy’s eagerness to return to performing. Osbourne responded to Morgan’s remark referring to Ozzy’s enthusiasm for his music with reassuring confidence.

Referring to the upcoming concert, Morgan stated:

“The rocker is still rocking.”

Sharon confidently expressed:

“He never stopped [rocking]. He’s back.”

The forthcoming live event is sure to be an unforgettable experience for rock fans across the globe. Ozzy Osbourne’s grand return to the stage, accompanied by an impressive roster of rock legends, guarantees a historic night. As Sharon Osbourne proudly declares, ‘He’s back,’ it’s evident that the Prince of Darkness is more than ready to rock once more.

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