Sammy Hagar On Being A Better Frontman Than David Lee Roth

Sammy Hagar might be a cult rocker in the music scene, but he’s also so much more than that. The former Van Halen frontman is also an avid entrepreneur who has paved his path in the business world. Recently, Hagar discussed with Entrepreneur how he wouldn’t greenlight a project he wasn’t sure of and, thus, why he was better than David Lee Roth.

For Hagar, music and business have been two of his passions. The frontman has noted his business inquiries, how much he valued creativity while settling business deals, and how he has been making decisions on a balanced approach. So, when Hagar considered Van Halen a business, he discussed that he had to be sure that he was better than Roth before getting into the band.

“Quite honestly, when I joined Van Halen,” told Hagar as he mentioned why he was better than DLR. “I thought if I couldn’t sing better than the previous guy [David Lee Roth], I wouldn’t have joined the band. I came through music and had more success, fame, and fortune than anyone could ever want in their lives.”

So, when the rocker made business deals, he would emphasize the importance of passion, strength, and creativity. For Sammy, every deal he was about to settle needed to have a connection with him and music. He explained, “When I started doing business deals, it was strictly out of passion and creativity, with a strong connection to music.”

So, Sammy argued that he went on to become the frontman of Van Halen because he was sure of his musical abilities and vocals. If he hadn’t thought he wasn’t better than David Lee Roth, the rocker wouldn’t dare join the band. The same reasoning also had its path in his career as a businessman.

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