Sammy Hagar Admits His Motivation In Business Was Not Financial

Sammy Hagar, a prominent member of Van Halen, participated in an interview with Seltzer Nation and discussed his past and current business endeavors. Hagar admitted that he had no intention of making a profit from them and disclosed the true motivation behind them. In addition to his extensive musical career with Van Halen, Chickenfoot, The Waboritas, and many other bands, Hagar’s business endeavors brought him tremendous commercial success. Probably the most well-known is Cabo Wabo Tequila, the second-best-selling premium tequila in the United States. The musician received more than $90 million from the sale to Gruppo Campari and has since moved on to other endeavors.

In addition, owning Sammy’s Beach Bar and Cabo Wabo Cantina improved his restaurant and nightclub management skills. The Red Rocker emphasized in his conversation that his driving force was his creativity as an artist, and that he came up with these projects in a manner similar to songwriting. The renowned musician described coming up with these business and song ideas as a gift.  The Circle frontman stated that observing a drunk man early in the morning prompted him to conceive of Cabo Wabo, which became a multimillion-dollar concept. Hagar continued to emphasize that he was initially unconcerned with selling a brand and making a profit from it. For the singer, money means helping more people in need, and he is motivated by success and victory regardless of what he desires to do at the moment. Hagar stated in an interview:

“My driving force is creativity. I am an artist who composes music. How does one compose a song? I simply cannot tell you. It resembles a gift. It appears out of thin air out of nowhere. I was sitting around and playing the guitar when I suddenly thought, “Oh, that’s a pleasant change.” You begin to strum, another note appears, then another thought, and eventually the lyrics appear. So that is how I am. That is how my mind functions.  I learned from Cabo Wabo when developing this brand. I was observing a man walk down the street, and he was intoxicated in the morning. He was wearing only one shoe and his clothes were torn, and he was bouncing off the barbwire fence into the middle of the street, which was so narrow that I was unable to get around him. I am observing this man. He is performing a Cabo Wabo. That occurred in Cabo”

He added:  “I thought, What a wonderful name! Boom! The light illuminates. I realized that a single concept could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. I don’t ever forget it. I once performed that action. Therefore, if I have a good idea, I wish to see it realized. I adore the journey. I could not care less about selling it or profiting in the end.  In my current state of life, the only use for money is to assist others. Therefore, I am motivated to achieve success because I do not wish to fail. Who the hell wants to start a failing business? Nope. It does not interest me. Thus, I still desire victory. By winning now, you get a jackpot. You receive this golden pot. I’ve learned to return the treasure to the community.”  It is not surprising that Sammy Hagar, who amassed a fortune through record sales and membership in numerous famous bands, never sought to increase his wealth through his alcohol brands or other businesses. As an artist, his sole purpose is to realize the ideas in his head.

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