Roger Waters Identifies the Pink Floyd Song That Describes His Life Philosophy

In a recent interview with CNN, Roger Waters revealed that one of Pink Floyd’s classic songs reflects his outlook on life. Roger Waters is also well-known for his political views, in addition to his contributions to Pink Floyd’s music. Waters is an outspoken musician who reveals his true political opinions without hesitation. Thus, almost all of his live performances included a political message for the audience. In April, Waters informed his fans of his extensive North American tour, entitled ‘This Is Not A Drill Tour.’ The musician stated in a tweet that this would be a “stunning indictment of the corporate dystopia” that everyone has been attempting to survive.

The tour began on July 6, 2022, with enormous screens displaying political messages. At the beginning of the ongoing tour’s performances, Waters displays a message telling those who cannot stand his politics to “f*ck off to the bar.” In a recent interview, CNN’s Michael Smerconish questioned the musician about this and his other political messages, asking whether his audience must agree with all of his positions. Waters responded that he only has one message, which is also reflected in Pink Floyd’s “Echoes”: “Strangers passing on the street / By chance, two separate glances meet / And I am you and what I see is me.” Therefore, he stated that he recognizes the humanity of everyone and implied that one should not disregard the struggles of others, as we all see ourselves in one another.

During the conversation, CNN’s Michael Smerconish posed the following questions to Roger Waters: “Am I required to buy in?” Does each individual in the crowd have to accept the message? I’ve always been a fan of Pink Floyd’s music. Some of the messages I can accept, while others I cannot.” Then Waters responded: “I received only one message. “Two strangers crossing the street coincidentally exchange glances; I am you, and what I see is me.” This is my message, which appeared on ‘Meddle.’ My message remains the same. I recognize your humanity, just as I recognize the humanity of all Russians, Chinese, Ukrainians, Yemenis, and Palestinians.”

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