Rod Stewart Says He Is Providing Shelter For Refugees

Rod Stewart recently opened up about his humanitarian efforts amidst the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. In an interview with Yahoo, the rockstar discussed how he’s been assisting refugees who fled Ukraine following Russia’s incursion into the country.

In February 2022, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin launched a devastating invasion of Ukraine, causing immense harm to the nation and its people. The war forced many Ukrainians to abandon their homes and seek refuge in neighboring European Union countries.

In the said interview, Sir Rod Stewart drew parallels between Putin’s bombardment of Ukraine and Adolf Hitler’s 1939 invasion of Poland, a historical event that triggered World War Two. The stark comparison showed the severity of the crisis and the urgency of the global response. Stewart, in his unique position, has actively contributed to the refugee aid effort, not just with words but through practical action.

Stewart stated:

“When the war broke out, me and my two nephews had four trucks filled up with, paper products, towels, water, food, all the stuff you need. They drove from where I live in England all the way up to the border and dropped all the stuff off. Then they brought about a thousand refugees from the border to Berlin.

Then I really got involved, I rented a house around where I live, and I’ve got a whole family living there. I pay their expenses. I’m just waiting for the Ukrainian offensive to stop this guy, we can’t let him win. It’s 1939, all over again.”

Stewart’s actions are part of the hope of our shared humanity in these trying times. His perspective is a call to action for everyone to contribute in whatever way they can, to support those affected by this war, and to prevent history from repeating itself. Aside from the Putin-Ukraine war, Rod Stewart has always been aware of humanitarian problems and did whatever he can to help those in need.

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