Rod Stewart discusses wife Penny’s ‘blind fits of rage’ in candid marriage confession

od Stewart, 77, and Penny Lancaster, 51, have been married for thirteen years, and the singer candidly opened up about working through his wife’s “blinding fits of rage” at home with their sons Alastair, 17, and Aiden, 11.

The confession came as Rod promoted Loose Women star Penny’s Menopause Mandate campaign, which aims to education people on the menopause, to stop scaremongering around HRT, to ensure the right medication is prescribed to people going through menopause, and to make menopause medication affordable. Rod said that men need to understand the symptoms of menopause better, and he was the first to admit that he didn’t know how to support Penny.

“I hadn’t seen [the menopause] before, because my marriages didn’t last that long,” he told Reader’s Digest, referring to the fact that he divorced his first wife Alana in 1984 when she was 39, while Rachel Hunter was 37 when their marriage ended in 2006.

Speaking of Penny’s experience, he continued: “She would get into blinding fits of rage. One night she threw utensils, so me and the boys gave her a hug – and since then she has worked to let people know what it is. Men have to understand, and not just go down the pub.”

During a joint appearance on Loose Women, Rod revealed that the “fragile situation” that Penny found herself in was “frightening”.

“It was frightening because she really wasn’t the person I married. But we talked about it which I think is the most important thing a couple can do. And she explained it to me through the tears because Penny likes a cry.

“We talked it through and I think that’s what couples have to do,” he said, while Penny added that HRT was also a huge help.

The couple exchanged vows in a medieval monastery in Portofino in June 2007, with Penny opting for a beautiful strapless lace gown. They went on to renew their wedding vows in the grounds of their Essex home in July 2017 to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

“Being able to reflect on those ten years and say those words to one another and still know we mean them is important,” Penny told HELLO!. “This felt more special. You get married with the hope that you’ll be together. When we renewed our vows, we said them not with just hope but with reassurance. Along with hope, there is also faith, love and bringing all the family together.”

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