Robert Fripp and Toyah Wilcox cover ‘Holy Wars’ by Megadeth

In the latest instalment of their Sunday Lunch series, husband and wife duo Robert Fripp and Toyah Wilcox have covered Megadeth’s ‘Holy Wars…The Punishment Due’ from their 1990 album Rust in Piece.

In the short clip, the King Crimson founder plays the aggressive guitar parts whilst Wilcox holds a crown-shaped balloon as she sings. Recently, the pair have performed an array of metal tracks, such as Metallica’s ‘Seek and Destroy’, Limp Bizkit’s ‘Nookie’ and ‘Children of the Grave’ by Black Sabbath.

This follows their recent collaborations with Chesney Hawkes, with whom they performed a series of covers, including ‘Summer of ’69’ by Bryan Adams, ‘Mr Brightside’ by The Killers, ‘Stacy’s Mom’ by Fountains of Wayne, and Hawkes’ own track ‘The One and Only’.

Speaking to the Guardian in 2021, Wilcox shared why she started the series during lockdown: “Here I am in this house with this 74-year-old husband who I really don’t want to live without. He was withdrawing, so I thought: ‘I’m going to teach him to dance’. And it became a challenge.”

She also stated: “I do the lighting, the filming, the conceptual side and the persuading Robert to take part.” However, Fripp has said that some King Crimson fans have been “upset” by the series. He responded: “At the beginning of lockdown, my wife handed me a tutu and a pair of her black tights and took me to the end of the garden and put on Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.”

He added: “My wife insists performers have a responsibility to lift people’s spirits in hard times. Do I respect that? My answer is yes, completely and utterly I do. […] At age 76, why should I give a fuck? This is my life.”

Fripp and Wilcox will take their Sunday Lunch series on the road next year, although they are yet to reveal the locations and dates of the upcoming tour.

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