Rob Halford Names The Only Band That Was Missing In Rock Hall

As the voting process for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame continues, fans and some artists from the industry keep sharing their opinions on the nominees and inductees. In an interview with Metal Hammer, Rob Halford of Judas Priest expressed his opinion on the matter and exclaimed that only one band is remaining to complete the metal set in the Rock Hall.

Judas Priest became eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999. After three nominations in 23 years, they finally got inducted last year. While their induction to the Hall excited fans, the debates on its approach toward metal continued. For instance, many still believe that Iron Maiden’s exclusion from the 2021 inductee list was unfair.

Since the conclusion of the 2021 ceremony, rock and metal musicians have commented on the Rock Hall’s attitude toward metal bands like Iron Maiden. They have been eligible since 2005 and were first nominated in 2021. Naturally, their second nomination this year is closely observed by metal fans and artists like Rob Halford.

Rob Halford indicated that Iron Maiden’s induction into the Rock Hall has been long overdue and discussed how this problem could finally be resolved. The vocalist of Judas Priest explained that the voting process is quite easy and shared that he has been voting for Maiden every day.

The Rock Haller said:

“Iron Maiden’s nomination is absolutely overdue. I vote for them every day; you can do it by phone and it’s dead easy. It takes you to the list of nominees, then you pick the bands you are voting for – and I pick Maiden every single day.”

Halford also mentioned that they will be using their position in the Rock Hall to the advantage of Iron Maiden as they get to vote as inductees. According to him, supporting bands who share similar experiences is the benefit of being an inductee. The musician implied that Iron Maiden is the missing piece for a metal maniac’s dream.

He added:

“When you’re actually in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, you’re given a vote as a band, and Maiden will get Priest’s vote without a doubt. That’s just what we do for each other – we’ve had very similar journeys in both bands, so let’s make it happen for Maiden. It’d be brilliant – Black Sabbath, Priest, and Maiden, what more could a metal maniac ask for?”

Metal fans and musicians hope for Iron Maiden to be finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. Accordingly, many metal artists like Rob Halford have been commenting on the matter. Apparently, Judas Priest’s vocalist is doing everything he can to support Iron Maiden as he wants to see Maiden alongside the other metal legends.

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  1. Rob Halford has always shown class and respect for others. Priest, Maiden and Sabbath are three of the most influential bands in rock in general and metal in particular. I’m with the legendary Rob Halford on this one.

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