Rob Affuso Recalls How His Failed Bon Jovi Audition Led to His Joining Skid Row

In a recent interview with The Rock N’ Roll & Coffee Show, drummer Rob Affuso discussed how his unsuccessful audition for Bon Jovi led to him meeting Dave Sabo and joining Skid Row. Before joining Skid Row, Rob Affuso participated in numerous bands and solo endeavors. He was a member of the Sutton Thomas Band, contributed to Gilby Clarke’s debut solo album, and worked on Guns N’ Roses legend Duff McKagan’s solo record. When he auditioned for Bon Jovi in 1985 and met Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo, he became acquainted with what is now known as Skid Row.

Many of the drummer’s former Skid Row bandmates played in Ozone Monday, and he has also been involved in other projects. Rob Affuso is currently working on his band Soulsystem, which he founded in 1992 while on tour with Skid Row. Recently, the musician described meeting Sabo at a Bon Jovi audition. He reported that, despite being John Bon Jovi’s friend, Snake invited him to join the new band they were forming after viewing his audition. After hearing the disappointing news from Bon Jovi, Affuso reached out to Snake to recruit him for his new band. Then he proceeded to the audition, where he ended up destroying the drums of the musician they wished to dismiss. Ultimately, he was hired.

Rob Affuso’s explanation of how he joined Skid Row: “This was prior to their explosion, of course. So I get the audition, and I go there, where I find Snake there because he is John’s childhood friend and they grew up together. After the audition, they approached me and said, “Hey, you know, I have no idea what’s going on here. If you don’t succeed here, my friend Rachel and I are forming a band, and we’d love for you to join us.'” He added: “So obviously that didn’t work out with Bon Jovi, and I connected with Snake, went, and the poor guy, they had me audition on somebody’s drum set in a basement, and I smashed the drums. They exchanged glances and wondered how they would inform whoever he was that the drummer had just auditioned on his drums. That was the clincher, and that’s how I got an audition with Skid Row.” You can listen to the interview by clicking on the link below.
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