Ringo Starr to release a country EP with T Bone Burnett

At a recent virtual press conference, Ringo Starr announced he is working on three new EPs, including a country collaboration with T Bone Burnett.

After he and his band finish touring in autumn, Starr will begin working with Burnett on their EP. The former Beatle explained, “I asked [Burnett] to help us out. I [said] if he’s got any time and wants to do it… Well, he did want to do it, and he sent me, I promise you, one of the most beautiful country songs I’ve heard in a long time. It’s very old school country. It’s beautiful. So I thought, ‘Hey, I’m gonna make a country EP!’”

Starr is a known fan of the genre, having released a solo country record in 1970, Beaucoups of Blues. He was also responsible for some of The Beatles’ country-inspired moments, such as Rubber Soul‘s ‘What Goes On’.

Starr will also work with former 4 Non Blondes member Linda Perry for another EP later this year. He shared, “We got to know each other and I love her. She’s just great. She said, ‘Oh, Ringo, let me do it,’” with Starr answering, “‘OK, do what you do.’ The only thing I’ll be doing on that EP is playing drums and singing.”

I get to meet and actually work with people I’ve never worked with, which I’ve always found exciting. I just felt EPs, you could sort of look at it in a serious way and you can do it in a month. An album does take longer, so [EPs are] what I’ve been doing,” Starr added.

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