Reasons For David Gilmour’s Hospitalization Due To Malnutrition

Pink Floyd’s initial plan was for David Gilmour to join the band as a touring member to handle Syd Barrett’s vocal and guitar parts. However, it soon became evident that the guitarist would be a better choice for the band’s long-term success. This proved to be the correct choice, as his exceptional guitar work is featured on the band’s critically acclaimed albums such as “The Dark Side of the Moon,” “Wish You Were Here,” and “The Wall.” Gilmour always drew attention, but after Roger Waters’ departure, when he assumed leadership responsibilities, he stood out more. Although his great fame and numerous accomplishments are beyond dispute, his path to success was not easy. While he had always had a significant interest in music, he encountered numerous obstacles and setbacks on his path to success and worldwide fame.

David Gilmour’s Childhood. David Gilmour became interested in music after his parents forced him to listen to the prominent artists of the time. Later, hearing the music of Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, and the Everly Brothers piqued his interest in the guitar. When Gilmour first picked up a guitar, he eagerly began teaching himself to play on his own. The guitarist met future Pink Floyd members Syd Barrett and Roger Waters during his later school years. Barrett and he attended the same college, which enabled them to practice guitar together during their free time. The two formed an unbreakable bond that would last for years. Gilmour was pursuing an A-Level in modern languages at the college, but he was well aware that his passion for music would eventually prevail. His eagerness to play music would even cause him to become malnourished and require hospitalization.

Why did David Gilmour require malnutrition treatment? In 1962, while attending college, David Gilmour joined the blues rock band Jokers Wild. Like the Beatles, they were an all-singing band that primarily performed covers of songs by contemporary artists and bands. They performed in various Cambridge locations, including youth clubs, village halls, private parties, and notable venues.

Although the group never released an official album, they are still remembered as David Gilmour’s band before he joined Pink Floyd. Following his departure from the band, Gilmour and his friends, including Syd Barrett, decided to busk across Europe. They played Beatles covers in the streets of Spain and France. They hoped to make a name for themselves and earn a living by performing on the streets, but their efforts were unsuccessful. Their effort was so strenuous that it resulted in David Gilmour requiring hospitalization for malnutrition. They were unable to earn enough money to pay for necessities such as food. Therefore, the guitarist had to remain in the hospital for some time in order to regain strength and recover.

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