In a striking turn of events, the world of rock music is abuzz with speculation surrounding the potential replacement of the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. Fans have been keeping their ears to the ground since Hawkins’ tragic passing in March 2022, and recent statements from Queen drummer Roger Taylor have fanned the flames of rumor.

In an interview with BBC Radio 2, Taylor opened up about the possibility of his son, Rufus Taylor, stepping into the role left vacant by Hawkins. The connection between the two legendary musicians runs deep, as Taylor was not only a close friend of Hawkins but also his son’s godfather. Their families have been interwoven for years, with Rufus being mentored by Taylor Hawkins, not to mention that he also performed alongside Foo Fighters during Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts in London and Los Angeles.

As the world eagerly awaits the Foo Fighters’ upcoming shows, scheduled for next month, many wonder who will sit behind the drum kit. Fans have been tossing around names like The Darkness’ Rufus and esteemed musician Josh Freese, but it was the Queen icon’s recent comments that have captured the attention of the rock community, as he emphasized that his son gets along with the guys and is familiar with all of their material.

Roger Taylor’s words about whether his son Rufus will play with Foo Fighters:

“Well, Rufus is phenomenal. He’s turned into this scary, great drummer with The Darkness. I watched them the other day at Wembley Arena. Phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal band, a great band live. I love The Darkness. My son, he’s just annoyingly powerful, and he’s become very, very good. I can’t say any more!”

He added:

“Well, he does play brilliantly with [Foo Fighters]. He knows all their stuff, knows them all very well. He did play ‘Best of You’ with the Foos, and it was phenomenal at Wembley and at The Forum in LA. What exactly is happening now? I don’t know.”

The rock world sits on the edge of its seat as Foo Fighters prepares to unveil their next move. With the bond between the Taylors and Hawkins, the possibility of Rufus taking on the drummer role is likely. As the upcoming show approaches and with the band’s latest single ‘Rescued’ released to honor Hawkins, it created a lot of curiosity revolving around who the drummer on the track was, so the rock community is eager to see if Rufus will indeed carry on the beat for his late friend and mentor.


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