Philip Selway Reveals A Radiohead Effort Might Be In The Works

Philip Selway recently joined Absolute Radio for a chat, discussing how often Radiohead bandmates get together, his thoughts on the band’s nearly forty years of history, and how future plans and projects might be in the works.

Radiohead had reportedly considered reuniting after taking some time apart and each bandmate pursuing a solo path and working on different projects. Selway confirmed that time spent apart had broadened their horizons from the musical perspectives. However, the drummer also noted that he and his former bandmates often came together.

In these regular hangouts, the rockers would discuss possible projects they might create and produce together. Therefore, Radiohead’s reunion and getting into the studio for future releases weren’t such a distant possibility. Philip also discussed how important it was for them to spend almost forty years in a band together, despite going on their own ways from time to time.

Carrying on Radiohead’s legacy mattered to them in an utmost way; however, taking time apart to go on their journeys also brought a sense of musical wisdom. Philip especially noted how inspiring it was to see his bandmates working on new, sense-broadening, independent projects. Therefore, with these new musical perspectives, they would have no doubts about getting together when the time was right.

The rocker on how he and his bandmates regularly met, being in a band for forty years, and the significance of spending some time apart:

“We get together quite regularly. So, we’re always kind of talking about future plans and finding the kind of right time and project for us. So, we’re always talking about it. We’re coming up to nearly forty years of being in a band, and it’s a musical relationship that I think is very central to all of us and what’s lovely about where we are as a band at the moment as well is the fact that we can take time away and actually work with these other projects.

I mean, from my point of view, it’s great seeing everybody else work in these other ensembles because you just get this kind of broader sense of everybody’s musicality, really. So, it’s still a band.”

It appears that Radiohead has plans for possible future projects and releases. Philip confirmed that he and his bandmates often met and discussed working together. Therefore, your wish might be granted if you’re a Radiohead fan wishing to see your favorite band back together in the studio or on stage.

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