Phil Collins’ Son Nic Says ‘Genesis Fans’ Will ‘Enjoy’ His Band Better Strangers’ New Song ‘Raincheck’

Nic Collins, son of the legendary Phil Collins, is claiming his own spot in the rock landscape through his band Better Strangers’ latest single “Raincheck.”

On Friday, the band — which features Nic on drums as well as vocalist deCasa, guitarist Joey Rodriguez and bassist Yang — released the raucous track’s music video, which premieres exclusively on PEOPLE. In light of the new release, Better Strangers is opening up about their musical journey and how touring with Genesis inadvertently influenced “Raincheck.”

“It’s an exciting time for me musically as I’m really finding my footing and discovering who I am as a drummer, musician, and songwriter,” Nic, 21, tells PEOPLE in a statement. “It’s hard to ignore the influence that touring with Genesis had on me on a musical and personal level.”

He continued, “It’s definitely different to what my dad was writing back in the day, however, I definitely think there’s a few progressive treats that Genesis fans can enjoy. This track really introduces everyone as to what kind of drummer I am.”

“Raincheck” marks Better Strangers’ third single since its debut earlier this year with “But I Don’t Know Your Name.”

“‘Raincheck’ is an important release for us, as it’s the first song that really shows our more progressive side,” the band says in a statement. “It’s a small glimpse into what our audience can expect from us moving forward.”

The statement continues, “‘Raincheck’ is also the first song that we produced, mixed, engineered, and recorded all ourselves. It always goes down really well when we play it live, so we’re excited to finally have it out there.”

Shot with a GoPro Max camera, the “Raincheck” music video sees the band visit a particularly sentimental location — their favorite hometown concert venue.

“After the ‘Nicotine Dreams’ music video where we told a story, we wanted to take a different approach for ‘Raincheck’ and showcase our live energy as a band,” writes Better Strangers. “It was also shot at our favorite hometown venue, Gramps, in the same room where Yang, Joey, and I [Nic] played our first real show together back in 2015. We’re wearing foil as well to keep with the theme of the cover art for this release.”

Earlier this year, Nic further flexed his live performance muscles when he stepped in to play the drums in place of his dad during Genesis’ The Last Domino? tour — which wrapped in May — due to Phil’s health issues.

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