Paul Stanley Admits He Does Not Control KISS’s Future

Paul Stanley, the leader of KISS, was recently interviewed by Breaking and Entering to discuss the band’s ongoing musical career. Stanley stated that he could not end KISS even if he wanted to, in response to the interviewer’s question about whether the farewell tour marked the end of the band’s career. Since its inception in the 1970s, KISS has made significant contributions to rock music with its distinctive sound, style, and performances. With their face paintings, costumes, and stage personas, the band brought innovation to the music industry. They combined their distinctive style with theatrical stage performances and ushered in a new era in rock.

Throughout their nearly 50-year career, the band achieved widespread renown due to the success of their albums. The album ‘Alive II’, released in 1977, brought the band members considerable success and income, and its promotion tour attracted a large audience. In addition, their 1978 solo releases were met with tremendous success. This became known as the golden year for Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley and the rest of KISS.

On January 31, 2019, the band embarked on their final tour, titled ‘End Of The World Tour,’ after years of organizing successful tours to meet with their fans. They wowed the audience with over one hundred performances. Although they took a break due to the global pandemic, they returned to the stage once restrictions were eased, and the tour is scheduled to conclude in early 2023. In a recent conversation, Paul Stanley was asked if the tour signifies the end of KISS’ rock scene career. The vocalist responded that disbanding the band is nearly impossible, even if they cease touring. According to him, KISS has become a way of life, and he could not even if he wanted to disband the group. After the farewell tour, Stanley noted they will have more time to focus on new projects as opposed to being on the road.

Paul Stanley responded as follows when asked if the farewell tour signified the end of KISS: “I believe that this will mark the conclusion of KISS. I couldn’t even end KISS if I tried. It has its own existence. It has influenced society. It’ll continue to do so. The fact that we will not be touring does not mean that the band will disappear from here, your mind, and your heart. Therefore, it is not the end. It’s simply a time to do other things and fill the touring time with other activities.” You can view the dialogue below.

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