Paul Stanley Addresses Tommy Thayer’s 20 Years Of Commitment To KISS

Tommy Thayer celebrated his 62nd birthday on November 7. Paul Stanley, his KISS bandmate of 20 years, decided to wish him a happy birthday on his Twitter. In the tweet, Stanley paid respect to Thayer’s remarkable contributions to KISS and thanked him for his commitment and dedication.

Although Tommy Thayer started to work with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley as a part-time helper for the ‘Kisstory’ book, he eventually got a full-time role within KISS. However, he didn’t immediately find himself on the stage with the band — he started with tasks like painting Stanley’s house or cleaning for Simmons.

Throughout the years, Tommy managed KISS’ 1995 Worldwide Convention tour and MTV Unplugged concert, worked with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss to help them relearn their parts for the 1996 reunion tour, and produced and edited KISS’ several video and film releases. So, his contributions to the band weren’t limited to playing the lead guitar.

“Happy birthday, Tommy!” Paul Stanley tweeted, celebrating his long-time friend’s birthday. “20 years of commitment and dedication to respecting our past while marching with us proudly to the unforeseen heights of the present. A friend, and so much more.”

Since the private concert in Trelawny, Jamaica, which saw Tommy Thayer in his Spaceman makeup for the first time, the guitarist has been continuing to work relentlessly with KISS. Thayer formed a close friendship with Paul Stanley throughout his 20 years with the band, and Stanley seems grateful for his contributions.

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