Paul McCartney, Wife Enjoy Kindness, Cappuccino at Central Jersey Café

BASKING RIDGE, NJ – A small café in Basking Ridge, New Jersey was recently graced with an unexpected visit from international music icon, Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell.

Blue Café is well-known for its delicious food and great service as pointed out by Dolores Cirra, admin of the BaskingRidgeMoms Facebook group. TAPinto got to sit down with Barbara and Chris Chutnik who own Blue Café where they recounted their distinguished guests’ visit – all thanks to Ms.Cirra’s arranging.

Barbara immediately recognized the famous pair and warmly invited them to sit down while keeping it low-key as requested by their guests. As McCartney enjoyed a cappuccino, he chatted with Barbara about accompanying his wife on adventures involving her trucking business.

Chris, a musician who grew up on McCartney’s music, said he wasn’t shy and introduced himself to the legend as the owner of the café. He said, “I can’t believe you guys are here.” Having played in a popular touring band in Poland and Europe, Chris is no stranger to meeting famous people. However, this time, rock royalty came to his place. They shared a memorable moment about growing up listening to McCartney’s music and playing drums and singing in a band.

During this special moment between McCartney and Chris, Barbara walked over to apologize to McCartney and said, “I asked my husband to be discreet.” And McCartney replied, “It’s Chris, he’s my friend.”

Although this meeting was brief, Barbara told TAPinto she was “crazy excited” and this unforgettable moment will be cherished forever. Unbeknownst customers were only alerted that something special happened once Sir McCartney left the scene – leaving them all wondering what kind magical exchange transpired inside the small café.

The chatter continued on Facebook, with many commenting on McCartney’s music and its significant impact to their lives. On the Blue Café Facebook page, resident Catherine Piper commented, “I sent them your way. I had a meeting with him and his loverly wife. I was happy to recommend Blue Cafe when they asked for a good local spot.”

Blue Cafe opened in 2019 just prior to the global pandemic that crippled small business. The Chutniks, both immigrants from Poland, faced the pandemic with determination to keep their staff employed. They were able to pivot their online and to-go services and became yet another testament of how community support can be instrumental during times like these. “Everybody is amazing. I never want to leave. I’ve been here four years. I’ve met so many people, everybody is great!” said Barbara.

For the Chutniks, this chance encounter with Sir Paul McCartney will forever bring a memory of “A Wonderful Christmas Time.”

The mood is right, The spirits up. We’re here tonight, and that’s enough. Simply having a wonderful Christmas Time.

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