The actor claims that Chloe Zhao will direct the sequel to her 2021 film. The possibility of a sequel to The Eternals was not discussed during Marvel Studios’ Comic-Con presentation. In fact, while projects such as Shang Chi 2 have been announced by various media outlets and are awaiting official confirmation from Kevin Feige’s company, there have been no reports whatsoever regarding the future of The Eternals. In a conversation with the TodayShow, Patton Oswalt assured that The Eternals 2 would be in development, despite the fact that this could change in the near future as a result of forthcoming leaks.

According to chloe zhao, who played Pip the Troll in one of The Eternals’ post-credits scenes, he will return to direct this film. Patton stated, “They announced that there will be a sequel to The Eternals, and Chloe Zhao will direct it, so I look forward to more Starfox and Pip adventures.” Although according to Patton The Eternals 2 would have been announced, no one has yet approved the production of another film by this group, and as we mentioned earlier, there are no reports in this vein, as was the case with Captain America 4 for instance.

However, it is important to remember that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige stated in an interview after San Diego Comic-Con 2022 that Starfox, the character portrayed by Harry Styles, and Pip have future plans. “We find the adventures of Eros and Pip to be very exciting,” he said. Feige at the MTV News department. “You mention Ghost Rider, but we also have Blade and Doctor Strange with supernatural elements. Our Daredevil advertisement features street level, and of course Spider-Man belongs to street level heroes. And our friends Eros and Pip live in the cosmos.” The Eternals 2 is currently unconfirmed, but that could change on September 10 when Marvel Studios makes its presentation at the D23 Expo.

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