Ozzy Osbourne Has Change Of Heart On Returning To England – “To Be Honest With You, I Don’t Want To Go Back

Consequence is reporting that after living in Los Angeles for decades, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are moving back to England. And while much has been made about the couple’s exodus from the States, the Prince of Darkness would prefer to “stay in America.”

Ozzy is the subject of Consequence’s latest cover story, published Monday, November 7. The metal legend discusses a wide range of topics, including his new album, Patient Number 9, and his recent health battles.

The Osbournes’ move back to the UK will be the subject of a new BBC reality series titled Home To Roost, premiering next year. But, as Ozzy tells Consequence, he never wanted to leave the States.

“I’m getting a bit of flak from people,” Ozzy tells Consequence of the move. “To be honest with you, if I had my way, I’d stay in America. I’m American now.”

The iconic singer blames Sharon’s ousting from the daytime TV show The Talk as the straw that broke the camel’s back, suggesting the couple no longer feels safe in America.

“When my wife got called a racist on [The Talk], she is absolutely not a racist,” Ozzy declares. “Her friend is Piers Morgan [who made disparaging comments about Meghan Markle]. She didn’t say, ‘I agree with him.’ She just respected his ability to have freedom of speech. That’s all that she said. And she got a lot of flak from that, so we actually had to have fucking armed guards and all that.”

Sharon, meanwhile, points to the safety of Los Angeles, in general, telling Consequence, “When I first came here, I thought I was in heaven. In the ’70s, if you loved music, this was the place to be. It’s not that hub anymore. It’s not exciting anymore. It hasn’t gone sideways, it’s gone down. It’s not a fun place to live. It’s dangerous here. Every big city’s got crime, but I don’t feel safe here. Neither does Ozzy.”

Still, Ozzy seems pretty adamant that his personal preference is to stay put in L.A.: “To be honest with you, I don’t want to go back [to England]. Fuck that.”

Read more at Consequence.

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