On a 2002 tour with SYSTEM OF A DOWN, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN was booed so loudly that the band members could not hear themselves

On System Of A Down’s 2002 European tour, The Dillinger Escape Plan served as the opening act, and fans were notably unimpressed. In an interview with Metal Hammer, vocalist Greg Puciato recalls being booed so loudly at certain performances that the band was unable to hear itself. This tour opened the door for The Dillinger Escape Plan to play major festivals on the continent later in their career, despite the fact that fans did not adore them. Thus, it was not entirely negative. “Well, our defiance was the result of pushing against everything. We held onto this until the very end. Even when we performed for 3,000 people in London or elsewhere, we still considered ourselves an upstart band. We still viewed ourselves as a young band that said “f*ck you” to everything. On that tour, however, we were booed mercilessly; it did not appear to be a success at the time.

“It wasn’t until we returned that we realized that if you typically play to 200 people, and then 800 people out of a crowd of 5,000, that’s a huge difference for our size. There were suddenly 600 people where there were previously 200. We became aware that something had transpired. “However, we were booed so loudly that we couldn’t even hear our monitors. This gave us the impression that everyone disliked us, and we used this as motivation. We despised the fans, the industry for holding us back, other bands for being inferior to us and for refusing to tour with us out of fear. Everything became an obstacle to overcome.”

Regarding the possibility of a future Dillinger Escape Plan reunion, Puciato recently stated that there has been no talk of such a thing occurring. Additionally, he mentions that he believes there is no longer a legal entity known as The Dillinger Escape Plan, in case anyone was wondering precisely how “done” the band is. “There has been no discussion regarding Dillinger’s reunion. However, if that were to occur, it would not be on a full-time basis. Without it, our lives would be more developed. There are a gazillion other components to our lives. When we first exited the stage, I and everyone else were relieved to be done. “Now, I can conceive of a situation in which it would be feasible for us, but I cannot stress enough that there has been no discussion whatsoever about reuniting or doing anything. I don’t believe there is a legal entity called The Dillinger Escape Plan anymore, so we’re as dissolved as you can get.”

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