Olivia Newton-John’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi responds to a concerned fan after her Instagram video sparked fears: ‘Be careful’

Chloe Lattanzi is easing herself back into work three months after her mother Olivia Newton-John’s death from breast cancer at age 73.

The singer and actress, 36, announced her return on Wednesday by posting a video on Instagram of herself getting her makeup done for a photo shoot.

The clip left one of her followers worried, as they urged her to ‘be careful’ about jumping right back into showbusiness and warned against ‘basing your life’ on looks.

In the video, Chloe sat patiently as her ‘girlfriend and best makeup artist in the business’ glammed her up.

She looked flawless with a glossy nude lip, smokey eyes and full-coverage foundation as she said she was ‘shooting for mama today’.

‘Working again feels so good,’ she added in the caption.

One of her followers seemed concerned about where Chloe’s priorities were and warned her to ‘be careful’.

‘Be careful, sweetheart. You’re beautiful but don’t base your life on it. That way of life will eventually harm you,’ he said.

‘I’m saying this with your heart in mind and love.’

Chloe responded kindly, saying she understood what he was trying to say but it ‘felt good’ to get back into makeup after mourning her mother’s death.

‘Oh, I don’t base my life on it. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in hair and makeup,’ she said.

‘I’ve been in my sweatpants crying, and to feel pretty felt good. Thank you though. Appreciate the sentiment.’

It comes after Chloe broke down in tears on live on Australia’s Today show recently as she spoke about her mum’s lasting legacy.

At the time, Olivia’s supporters were taking to the streets of Melbourne for her annual Walk for Wellness cancer fundraising event.

Chloe, who was unable to attend the walk, became visibly emotional as she spoke to Richard Wilkins via video link from her home in Santa Barbara.

‘It’s so beautiful to see how many people have come out in support of my mum,’ she said. ‘John [Easterling, Olivia’s widower] and I are there in spirit. But we just needed to take some time to grieve.’

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