Nikki Sixx thinks that rock ‘n’ roll should be humiliating

Nikki Sixx admitted that it can be embarrassing to watch old Motley Crue videos, but added that this is “as it should be.” In an interview with Classic Rock, the bassist was questioned about classic band footage. “I delved into YouTube and viewed some of the old videos, and I suppose it could all be considered embarrassing because rock ‘n’ roll is embarrassing – as it should be,” Sixx explained, before expanding on his position. “[Rock stars] should be ridiculous, outrageous, pushing boundaries, and rebelling against one another. We are expected to be loud, rude, and aggressive.”

Motley Crue earned a reputation as one of rock’s wildest acts due to their antics on and off the stage, so all of Sixx’s descriptions are apt. Although the band members have matured, projects such as the 2019 biopic The Dirt help to preserve their rebellious legacy. When asked about the current state of rock music, Sixx was forthright. “In many instances, it is overproduced to an extreme degree. It’s been Pro Tooled and chopped to death, and I miss some of the slop,” he stated. “I miss certain flat notes. I miss it when a guitarist’s performance is not flawless. I miss certain aspects of being in a raw rock and roll band.” On Thursday, Motley Crue will launch their highly anticipated Stadium Tour with Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jet and the Blackhearts.

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