Mötley Crüe Tried To Replace Mick Mars Before, Stephen Pearcy Explains

Ratt‘s only original member, Stephen Pearcy, recently had a chat with Waste Some Time With Jason Green, where he discussed the legal drama between Mötley Crüe and Mick Mars, as well as the band’s internal relationships. Sounds juicy, right?

If you want to know what happened: Mars stepped down from touring with the band due to health problems last year, with John 5 taking his place. Various musicians, such as Carmine Appice and John Corabi, suggested that his departure was prompted by his dissatisfaction with the use of backing tracks in live gigs.

The guitarist’s legal battle against Mötley Crüe caused this theory to gain traction, as he accused them of attempting to deprive him of his rights and declared that he was the sole member playing entirely live. Big names in music, such as Phil Collen, have shared their thoughts on the lawsuit and the beef between the two parties before.

In his recent interview, Stephen Pearcy also added his two cents, revealing that the band had tried to replace Mars before. He said Mötley Crüe had attempted to recruit Jake E. Lee at the beginning of their career, which left Pearcy scratching his head as they already had Mars.

He recounted the time as follows:

“They tried to get Jake E. from my band, from Mickey Ratt, when Jake E. was in the band. It was, like, ‘Are you never satisfied? You’ve got Mick right here. You guys are already ‘Too Fast For Love.’ You’re already doing your first record.’ When they released that first record, ‘Too Fast For Love,’ if I’m correct, we were still hanging, and they were trying to swipe Jake E. It’s very interesting to think about it, actually.”

Additionally, Pearcy revealed that Nikki Sixx was not entirely content with Vince Neil‘s presence within the band, which led to John Corabi joining the group. However, he went on to claim that all this drama was a bummer because they needed to be focusing on keeping the ’80s music vibe alive for those who missed it and still wanted a piece of it.

He explained:

“You know, I don’t know. It’s, like, [Nikki] was never really happy with [Vince] either. Hence John Corabi. I don’t know. You know what? It’s a shame because right now, we should all be embracing this ’80s scene. I mean, they’re out doing the stadium thing for the second time, except there’s a little fart in the road. But it tells you how much people are still grooving on the ’80s and miss it and want it, and they really don’t give a shit how they get it sometimes.”

Mötley Crüe’s current members have expressed their wish to remain focused on their music and fans. Amidst the ongoing dispute, they are working on a new record without Mars. Apparently, music continues to thrive even in turbulent times, but it would be a welcome development for this conflict to be settled soon, fostering a more harmonious atmosphere for ’80s music enthusiasts.

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