Mick Jagger asserts that fame is a pact with the devil

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood were interviewed for a new BBC documentary series titled “My Life as a Rolling Stone.” Mick Jagger discussed the impact that fame can have on individuals and stated that it is a dangerous situation. It is unfathomable how popular the Rolling Stones have become over the years. It is also not difficult to imagine the toll it must have taken on the artists who frequently had to perform without a personal life. One can understand the desire to succeed in a competitive and unforgiving industry, where fame is one of the prerequisites. The Rolling Stones have been active for sixty years, which is no easy feat. During this period, they released numerous chart-topping singles and embarked on multiple world tours. Mick Jagger has established his voice, name, and style on a global scale, even inspiring the idiom “jaggeresque”

Mick Jagger stated in the interview that his relationship with fame has not always been pleasant. He had a history with drugs, but his success and perseverance in overcoming his addiction inspired many. Some people are able to withstand fame, but others struggle, which is why Jagger views it as a pact with the devil. Mick Jagger’s perspective on fame: “Some people can handle it, while others cannot. It is somewhat of a deal with the devil.” “My Life as a Rolling Stone” is currently available on Epix and the BBC. In addition to releasing their most recent documentary, the Rolling Stones embarked on their summer European tour to commemorate their 60th anniversary as a band. Despite losing beloved drummer Charlie Watts in 2021, the band decided to continue because they had received his blessings prior to his passing.

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