Metallica Are Opposed By A Portion Of ‘Stranger Things’ Fans

Metallica has recently received criticism from young Stranger Things fans who, upon discovering the band’s past actions, have been attempting to cancel their concert tickets. The first season of the Netflix sci-fi horror drama ‘Stranger Things’ premiered on July 15, 2016. The second, third, and fourth seasons aired in October 2017, July 2019, May and July 2022, respectively, following the first season. Eddie Munson played Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets” and introduced the band to a younger audience in the final episode of the fourth season.

Munson’s performance of ‘Master Of Puppets’ featured guitar tracks performed by Rob Trujillo’s son, Tye Trujillo. Ultimately, this performance propelled Tye into the limelight and pushed Metallica’s timeless hit back up the music charts. While many Stranger Things fans enjoyed this cover of the 1986 song, others were not as pleased. Recently, a TikTok user named Serena Trueblook uploaded a video about past controversies involving Metallica. In the video, she displayed footage of Jason Newsted giving the Nazi salute and marching during a concert, band members making jokes about Kurt Cobain’s death, and allegations that James Hetfield used the n-word to describe rapper Ice-T and purposefully excluded him from a tour.

Trueblood also argued in the post that Metallica only cares about fan gatekeeping and making money. Metallica fans took to Twitter after this TikTok to defend the band against the cancellation attempt. According to one of the fans, Metallica once welcomed young Stranger Things fans, but they have since turned against them. Here’s what the user tweeted: Metallica welcomed and defended all the new fans who came from the Stranger Things fandom, but now they’ve turned on them. The TikTok caption for Serena Trueblood read: “I find it interesting that they only started caring about gatekeeping in their fandom when Stranger Things made them famous again. They are only concerned with what fills their pockets.” You can view the TikTok and the tweet that follows.


I find it intersting that they only cared about gatekeeping in their fandom when they started getting big agaib from Stranger Things. Thy only care about what lines theor pockets #metallica #metal #isyourfavproblematic #stanculture #cancelculture #fyp p.s. sorry dad #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo

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