May Pang Said George Harrison’s Anger ‘Paralyzed’ John Lennon: ‘I Had Never Seen an Angrier Man’

In the midst of a temporary break with Yoko Ono in 1973, John Lennon began a relationship with their former assistant, May Pang. This phase of his life allowed Pang to get a close look at Lennon’s interactions with his ex-Beatles colleagues, particularly a notable clash with George Harrison.

Yoko Ono’s Perspective on the Separation

Although Lennon had distanced himself from Ono, she conveyed a sense of understanding about his affair with Pang. In a 2012 interview with The Telegraph, she remarked, “The liaison was not something that pained me. I was in search of a break, some room to breathe.”

The “Lost Weekend” Era

Lennon often alluded to this chapter of his life as the “Lost Weekend.” Despite the short name, this period spanned roughly a year and a half. Lennon was not only prolific artistically but was also prone to excessive drinking and substance misuse. Amidst this chaos, Pang played a significant role in his life. In a conversation with Variety, she shared, “I yearned to see him as any ordinary person. I was there to support him in mundane tasks. It was about just the two of us.”

The Intense Confrontation: Lennon and Harrison

Being in Lennon’s inner circle provided Pang with the opportunity to interact with the iconic Beatles. On one occasion, Lennon, Pang, and Harrison convened at New York’s Plaza Hotel. Initial cordial exchanges took a sharp turn when Harrison’s demeanor became notably tense. Pang vividly recounts Harrison’s volatile reaction in her book, Loving John. She described the moment Harrison’s rage took center stage, culminating in a dramatic act of smashing Lennon’s glasses.

Although the evening was charged with tension, the trio remained in the hotel until the early hours of the morning, finally concluding their heated discussion.

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