Liam Gallagher Lashes Out On Fan, ‘I Nearly Died For Oasis’

After years of feuding and a seemingly never-ending rollercoaster of emotions, it appears that the Gallagher brothers, Liam and Noel, might be one step closer to putting their differences aside for an Oasis reunion. Recently, Liam Gallagher took to Twitter to lay out his non-negotiable conditions for brother Noel if there would ever be a band reunion.

The Oasis split in 2009 was the culmination of years of tension and conflict between the Gallagher brothers. Their disagreements ranged from creative differences to personal issues, with both brothers often resorting to insults and heated exchanges. In the weeks before the split, the relationship between Liam and Noel reached a boiling point during the band’s tour. Ultimately moments before they were due to perform at the Rock en Seine festival in Paris, the band split, leaving fans shocked and disappointed.

The brothers’ complicated relationship has been well-documented over the years, with public spats and harsh words exchanged between them. However, the end of Oasis was initiated by Noel, who had cited his inability to work with Liam as the primary reason for the band’s demise. The possibility of an Oasis reunion was brought into the limelight when a fan reached out to Liam on Twitter, inquiring about the chances of the band getting back together. Liam’s response seemed positive, and fans couldn’t help but get excited at the prospect.

However, Noel interjected in an interview on France Inter, suggesting that Liam should give him a call to discuss the matter instead of making announcements on social media. Noel expressed his disappointment in Liam for not reaching out to him directly to talk about a potential reunion. Recently, Liam spoke out about what it would take for him to consider an Oasis reunion with his estranged sibling ‘aka potato’ and stressed that he’d give his life for Oasis, which he ‘nearly did on many occasions.’

Liam Gallagher’s words about his conditions for the band reunion read:

“F*ck him; he calls me he was the one that split the band up because his ex Mrs couldn’t have caviar delivered backstage, Bumbaclart.”

He added:

“Excuse me, who are you calling full of shit? I’d die for that band and nearly did on many occasions, you little piss flap. He split it up; he can do the calling.”

While it’s clear that Liam is still passionate about Oasis and the legacy they left behind, his tweets reveal that he’s unwilling to reach out to Noel for a reunion. Instead, he places the responsibility of initiating the reunion on Noel, who caused the initial split. Only time will tell whether the brothers can finally put their differences aside and bring Oasis back to life for their millions of devoted fans.

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