Lemmy Kilmister’s Former Hawkwind Bandmate Nik Turner Passed Away At 82

Hawkwind, the band that Lemmy Kilmister once said he would have been still playing with if he wasn’t kicked out, has lost its saxophonist. Rumors of Nik Turner’s death were confirmed on Friday, November 11. The musician passed away at 82, and no official cause of death was revealed. Motörhead addressed this sad news in its recent Twitter post and shared Hawkwind’s song ‘Brainstorm’ to honor the late artist.

“We lost Lemmy’s old bandmate Nik Turner today,” read the statement. “Play some Hawkwind nice and loud! ‘Brainstorm,’ here we go!” Then they shared Nik Turner’s photo and added a Youtube link to Hawkwind’s 1972 release, ‘Brainstorm.’

Lemmy Kilmister was trying to find his musical path in London before founding Motörhead. He had several different attempts, one of which was Hawkwind. He joined the band in 1971 as a vocalist and bassist. He had never played bass before, but the band didn’t want to hire a guitarist, and when the bass player didn’t show up, so Lemmy got into the band to play bass and sing.

Although he had never played bass before, his previous experiences quickly helped him find a tone. They matched very well musically but not didn’t get along offstage. Lemmy was acting a little erratic; for instance, he possessed drugs and was arrested during their tours, so they eventually fired him.

A year after Kilmister, Nik Turner also left the band. Still, Kilmister and Turner were able to spend four years together making music. Turner was really good at the saxophone, and he also wrote some of the band’s songs. ‘Brainstorm,’ shared by Motörhead, and ‘Master of the Universe’ were some of the songs crafted by Turner.


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