Lemmy Kilmister Had Moments Of Real Insecurity, Blackie Lawless Recalls

Blackie Lawless had the opportunity to meet and observe many rockers at the backstages of shows or during the parties he attended. So when it comes to anecdotes about the rockers, he’s the one to go to. During a Q&A session before W.A.S.P.’s concert at the Plaza Live in Orlando, Florida, Lawless was asked about his memories of Lemmy Kilmister, and the musician shared some interesting details.

“[He was] a very complex individual,” he said, remembering his friend. “He was human, like anybody else, but he had moments of real insecurity. And I won’t go into detail because it wouldn’t be fair to him. But I knew him pretty well. And we had some fun times together. But like anybody else… I mean, there was a very public squabble that happened between us back in the ’90s that was nothing.”

He continued, “He was enormously complex. I think all artists are, to some degree — some more than others, and I would put him in the ‘some more than others’ category. The image you saw of him and the man was two different things. Not that he was living a lie, ’cause he wasn’t; what you saw is what you got, but you didn’t see everything of who he was.”

It’s no exaggeration to say that Lemmy Kilmister is often considered the embodiment of rock and roll due to his sound, captivating performances, lifestyle, and attitude. But as you know, when the performance stops, sometimes the mask also falls off, and according to Lawless, an insecure man was hiding behind that rock and roll god.

Lemmy Kilmister undoubtedly knew what he wanted to do ever since he stepped onto the rock scene. His passion for heavy sound and fast pace soon made him the shining child of the metal scene when combined with his unconventionally attractive biker look. Although hard to believe, the frontman, who enjoyed great success and fame, seems to have had some problems with his self-confidence.

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