Led Zeppelin on Greta Van Fleet, a Band Accused of Copying Them

Greta Van Fleet stands as a contemporary pillar in the hard rock scene, garnering both admiration and skepticism. Many appreciate them for reigniting the embers of classic rock, while some critics argue they mirror legendary bands too closely, especially Led Zeppelin.

A good number of Greta Van Fleet critiques inevitably draw parallels with Led Zeppelin. Even Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin’s iconic frontman, weighed in on this. Greta Van Fleet’s members have also shared their perspective on these comparisons and their musical inspirations.

Early on, echoes of Led Zeppelin in Greta Van Fleet’s sound didn’t go unnoticed. A segment of reviewers lamented Greta Van Fleet’s seemingly derivative nature, contending that by the time they emerged, classic rock nuances felt outdated.

The Detroit Free Press highlighted that Robert Plant harbored no resentment towards Greta Van Fleet. He even commended them for evoking the essence of Led Zeppelin’s debut album, particularly lauding Josh Kiszka’s vocal prowess. It appears Plant found the familiar musical vibes non-contentious.

As reported by Alternative Nation, Greta Van Fleet’s Sam Kiszka mentioned that their music wasn’t largely inspired by Led Zeppelin. He hinted that any resemblance might have been unintentional, stating, “We probably became more aware of the similarities after the fact. There are indeed overlaps with their sound, but they weren’t a primary influence.”

Sam further emphasized that while they recognize the resemblances, it doesn’t sway their musical composition. Intriguingly, Metal Headzone highlighted Sam’s acknowledgment of AC/DC as a more profound influence on their sound than Led Zeppelin – a claim that took many fans aback. For some, Greta Van Fleet’s sound evokes nostalgic sentiments, while others find it too reminiscent of yesteryears’ legends.

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